"40 Years of Celebrating Family ... Celebrating Our Past and Our Future"
September 4, 2009
8 years, 9 months and 20 days since
our celebration.
Lillie Alford and Haywood Smith  70's Flavor Personified
Lillie Alford and Haywood Smith 70's Flavor Personified
Welcome to the McRae Douglas Family Reunion Website! We look forward to seeing you at the greatest family reunion in our history! Forty years of celebrating family, that is something we should be proud of and cherish dearly.

So many families are not even on speaking terms. Estranged for this reason and that reason but our mother, aunt, and cousin Lillian Martha McRae Ranger felt family should gather at times other than funerals. Thus in 1969, the eight children of  Moses James McRae, Sr. and Donnella Douglas McRae embarked upon this journey of "a family reunion". 

A few years later our grandfather, father, and uncles Will and John Douglas,  the youngest brothers of Donella,became active particpants. The name of the family reunion was officially changed to McRae Douglas to acknowledge our paternal and maternal roots.

Where has the love for family gone
It seems it fades away as we "get grown"
All this fuss and paying money to go to a cookout
I can stay home and look at TV rest on my couch.

I'm glad Aunt Lillian didn't feel like that.
If you don't mind I'll imagine that it went this way ....
She realized the importance of family and wasn't ashamed to say
"Oh everyone has shown up at the funeral of Uncle Boss"
but now he can not see nor hear you and the connection is lost."

Let's all gather down in Clinton that's where we call home
Let's do it sooner than later before another one of us is gone.
Which aunt suggested the idea of having a family reunion

Do you think the McRae Douglas Family Reunion should always be held in Clinton, NC?

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